Marriage Ministry Matters – Spring 2016

by CMBA-admin on May 31, 2016

Welcome Back to the CMBA Newsletter!

Romans 15:5

We sit at our computers writing our blog posts, researching, and responding to reader emails. It is solitary work in many respects. The Christian Marriage Bloggers Association provides an opportunity for you to connect with others who have the same calling as you do. We are a community, and we can be a source of great encouragement for each other.

After a hiatus, we’re back–with exciting new things to share! Read on to learn about a new way you can find some CMBA encouragement and to think about how you can reach out to others.

New Members

The following blogs joined CMBA since our last issue. Do visit their sites and share an encouraging word.

Connected Together – Mark Carpenter
Dr. Corey Carlisle – Live Passionately – Corey Carlisle
Faith, Marriage, and Life – Daniel Passini
Families That Stick – Kristen
Hitched Together – Roy & Lainey Hitchman

Please check your listing on the member’s page to make sure that it is accurate and up to date. If it needs to be changed, send an email to Chris at

New Online Community

We have decided to take our CMBA support to where the people are–Facebook. We have created a secret group on Facebook just for CMBA members. In a secret group, no one who is not in the group will know you are part of it. This will replace the CMBA Members’ Forum. If you want to be added to the Facebook group, you will need to become Facebook friends with one of the group administrators–at least for long enough for them to add you to the group. Contact one of these folks to be added or to learn more:

How Do I . . . ?

Sharing the (Blog) Love

By Chris Taylor, The Forgiven Wife

We put time, energy, heart, and prayer into what we write. It is rewarding to have that recognized by another blogger—so why not decide to be that other blogger?

We can encourage and recognize other bloggers’ work in so many ways. Try some of these:

  • Leave a supportive comment on one of their blog posts.
  • Share one of their posts through your own social media channels. You can even add an encouraging comment.
  • Retweet or share their social media posts.
  • If you write a post about a similar topic as the other blogger, include a link to their post directly in your own.
  • Add the blog to your blog roll or resource list.

Not only does it provide some new traffic and readership for the other blogger, it helps your readers learn about a new resource to help them grow their marriages.

If you like, you can use HootSuite, Facebook scheduling, or something similar to schedule a post from another blogger on a regular basis.

Sometimes we are the ones being encouraged and supported by others. It’s great to see that someone whose work we respect has promoted us—but how are we supposed to respond?

Here are some ideas:

  • Respond to the share (reply to the tweet or comment on the Facebook post) to say “thank you for sharing my post.”
  • Like and/or share the post or tweet.
  • If you were shared directly in one of their posts, leave a comment on the post to thank them and to respond to something they said in the post.
  • Add a link at the bottom of your own blog post to refer your readers to the other blog.
  • Share one of the blogger’s posts through your own social media.

We are all working to help Christians grow in their marriages. Sharing each other’s blogs is a great way to help our readers while encouraging each other.

Social Media

Are you on social media? Follow CMBA!

We are revitalizing our CMBA Facebook page to better promote posts from our wonderful members. For information about how to share your posts on our page, contact one of the following page administrators:

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