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Scripture and Heels – Jillian

Sex Within Marriage – Jay Dee
The goal at is to help Christian spouses in two ways: 1) to dispel the stigma often associated with talking about sex within the Christian context, and 2) to use that new freedom to discuss sex within marriage, facilitating positive change in their Christian marriage in order to further glorify God.

Shocking Marriage – Jerry McColgin
The goal of this blog is to highlight successful marriages and techniques that keep the joy and excitement in the relationship for the long term. It’s sad but true, but a great marriage is a Shocking Marriage. And that’s worth blogging about.

Simplesmente Mulher – Angela  (Simply Woman in Portuguese)
Sou apaixonada pela minha família! Eu ajudo mulheres com o apoio que precisam para melhorar seus relacionamentos. Fornecendo mensagens inspiradoras e dicas praticas para alcançarem o sucesso como Mulher, Esposa e Mãe.Toda mulher merece ser feliz!
(I am passionate about my family! I help women with the support they need to improve their relationships, providing inspiring messages and practical tips for success as a Woman, Wife and Mother. Every woman deserves to be happy!)

Something to Stu (stew) Over – Stuart L. Tutt
I am just a man seeking God while trying to raise two Godly children. After heading God’s voice I started two pages on Facebook to hopefully help others not make the same mistakes I did in life; Spiritual Leaders of the Family and Resurrecting The Redeemed From Porn Addiction. I have made many mistakes in my life, as have we all, but I praise God daily for His love, grace and forgiveness.

Spouse Dates – Steve Pare
Rekindle the flame. Cultivate a lush garden. Date your spouse this week!

Steven Hill: Faith and Culture – Steven Hill
Steven is a young pastor from Texas married to a girl from California and they love making Arkansas their home. Steven writes about the endless connections between marriage, faith, and culture. He thinks healthy, thriving marriages are imperative to raising up the next generation of Christ followers.

Stupendous Marriage – Stu & Lisa Gray
We Want You To Have a Stupendous Marriage!

Tim and Consuela
Helping marriages and families thrive.

To Know Him Today – Paul & Liz
A blog where a husband and wife together discuss the Christian life as it relates to marriage, work, children, church and life in general.

To Love, Honor and Vacuum – Sheila Wray Gregoire
Real marriage. No pretensions. With author Sheila Wray Gregoire.

Transformed Wife – Rachel Smith
Helping others learn God’s design for marriage.

True Agape – Ryan & Cassie Celestain
Ryan and Cassie believe respect, trust, understanding and willingness creates happy marriages. They strive to keep those things the main focus in their marriage and want to challenge others to do the same. True Agape is a resource to help couples through the early stages of marriage by giving resources that help them embrace their spouses’ quirks, accept their spouses for who they are and love EVERY day of it!

True Marriage Law – David Hutchens

theUMB – Phil, Clara, Freya, & John
TheUMB celebrates the holy gift of marital sexuality through sober biblical study and candid expression, offering encouragement and ideas to Christian couples and equipping them to revitalize intimacy with their God, spouses, kids, and community.

Unashamed Marriage – Karl & Sharon Leukert
In the garden of Eden, God made Adam and Eve and and said it was “Very good!” Scripture says that they were naked and they were not ashamed. We believe that this nakedness was in all respects, not just physically, and that this is still “Very good!”

UR Grand Union – anonymous
A safe-place blog for young husbands who find themselves questioning their commitment. I would welcome the chance to chat with you as we seek to make our marriages God-centered and wife-focused. Everything I read from you will be kept in strictest confidence, and nothing you say will shock or offend me.

Value the Vows Bride for a Day… Wife for Life. – Nancy Marie
Trying to be the best Christian wives we can by following God’s plan.  We may not be perfect but we are forgiven. I have the sad perspective of having been through a failed marriage of 21 years. With God’s forgiveness, I am now married 20 years in a Christ-centred marriage.  The difference is what our awesome God can do.

Vicki Tiede Ministries – Vicki Tiede
Vicki Tiede is an inspiring Bible teacher, conference speaker, and author. Her passion is to open the Scriptures with women in order to share God’s grace and enduring faithfulness. She transparently relates life experiences that resonate and draw others into a lifelong pursuit of knowing God.

Wedlock Gist – Shola & Olaide
Wedlock Gist creates a platform where real couples/individuals (married or not) can share insight, ideas, stories, tips, life moments, information in a lighthearted way that will ultimately serve as a resource that opens the curtains on the ‘ups’, ‘downs’ and everything ‘in between’ of relationships around the globe.

Vision: “Your marriage…Our applause…Let’s Gist!”

WhitsonLife – Matt & Becca Whitson
Matt and Becca Whitson write about marriage, parenting, and life through the lens of a married couple, parenting team, and pastor and professional counselor. Their desire is to provide hope and restoration by giving you a glimpse into their lives – the failures, the successes, and the brokenness and beauty of everyday.

Wives on Purpose – Lisa Ella Williams
Lisa Ellis Williams is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and author of Wife School, “using God’s Word to build a stronger marriage.” Since 2005 her message to “Wives On Purpose™”has encouraged, educated, and empowered women to use biblical principles in everyday life and marriage.

Women Seeking God – K. Ford
Welcome! My name is K. Ford, founder of the Women Seeking God Blog. The mission is aimed at igniting fervent faith in God for a life that represents Him well in relationships, family, career, and ministry. Join us as we draw closer to God together!

The XY Code – Paul Byerly
A blog for women ~ decoding the male mind.

Yoked – Katherine Shorter
We believe in building solid marriages before the ring! Yoked is a place for people who are looking for ways to build their relationships, based on Christian principles. Real conversation + no nonsense, we advocate for people to enter into {and remain in} marriage covenants with their eyes open!

Young Wife’s Guide – Jami Babnet
Welcome! I’m Jami and this is Young Wife’s Guide to Gospel Centered Homemaking or simply YWG. I began my blogging journey in October 2009 shortly after I got married. I have fallen in love over the years with blogging and the community and friends I have met along the way.

Your Marriage Journey – Uthman Toyosi Erogbogbo
Uthman Oluwatoyosi Erogbogbo (fondly called Toyosi) believes no marriage is hopeless, and more marriages can be saved if both spouses put in the effort, seek appropriate counsel, and diligently apply the fundamental principles of marriage as taught by God’s Word. Author of Marital Relationship with a growing passion to see more Godly marriages in our world today.

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