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Affaircare – Cindy Taylor
If you are here because you just found out your spouse is having an affair, there is hope.

Agape Her – Micheal Boyd
Agape Her is devoted to showing men and women how husbands are to love their wives unconditionally — the way God intended. We inspire men to boldly love their wives like Christ; and we empower women to embrace the love she receives from her husband. If you’re looking to take your marriage to the next level, be sure to check out Agape Her!

The Alabaster Jar – Jolene Engle
Encouraging, Equipping and Inspiring Godly Women, Wives and Mothers.

Autocratricks – T.L. Carter

Awaken-Love – Ruth Buezis and Melanie Lloyd
The mission of Awaken-Love is to equip and encourage men and women to claim God’s design for intimacy and to share that truth with others. We blog about intimacy to stretch you to embrace all that God has for you in the marriage bed – from the spiritual aspects of sex to the nuts and bolts. We  invite you to be part of the revolution of Christians speaking God’s truth about sex and encouraging Christians to grow in intimacy with God and their spouse.

Be Strong Act Like Men – Paul Cochran
Pursuing an Ephesians 5 Marriage.

Beautiful Womanhood – Sandy Ralya
Helping wives avoid and overcome hindrances that prevent them from thriving in marriage.

Became One – Brian & Jules Suman
We believe one of the greatest reflections of Christ’s love for the church is a Christian marriage. In support of our belief, our focus is to encourage, protect, and lift up our marriages through fellowship, prayer, and Bible study

Becoming a Better Man – Erik Matlock
Life lessons from a formerly abusive husband.

Becoming His Eve – Hannah Williams
I am an aspiring writer and spunky housewife who loves the Lord and her husband, Adam! I have a passion for young women, writing, books, baking, nature, and music! I want to use my gifts, talents, and abilities to help transform relationships and communities for the Kingdom of Christ.

Bibi2Be – Kui Kimemia
Bibi2be is all about spurring couples to enjoy marriage and life as they learn precious lessons together with Christ as the center.  While encouraging women not to get too comfortable in their marriage to a man that they forget the Son of Man. He is coming back for His bride.

Blessed are the Pure in Heart – Andrew Budek-Schmeisser
Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart is a blog about the mechanics of Christian marriage – the nuts and bolts of what’s needed to make marriage work, and to get it back on track if it gets sideways. Courtship and marriage are the greatest adventure most of us will ever have in this life, and it’s important, because marriage is a sacrament – a model for our relationship with God, writ small but definite.

Bonny’s OysterBed7 – Bonny Logsdon Burns
Encouraging the low libido wife through a Christian lens.  Helping her understand the many dimensions of desire.

Build Your Marriage – Brad and Heidi Mitchell

Calm. Healthy. Sexy. – Gaye
Calm.Healthy.Sexy. is a place for married women who want to transform their hectic lives, take care of their bodies, and enjoy their marriages. If you want to feel calm and relaxed (most of the time!), eat well and strengthen your body, and feel sexy and enjoy a great sex life with your husband, then Calm.Healthy.Sexy is for you. Even if you only want to do one or two of those things, it’s a place to join the conversation and share your experiences and ideas with other women.

Cheesette Stovall Ministries – Cheesette Stovall

Christian Home and Family – Carey Green
Helping you make Christ the center of your home.

Christian Home Life – Shane and Christy Richardson
As we’ve grown to realize the fullness of what Christ did for us, we’ve peeled off the “Christians should be perfect” mask and owned our sin nature. This process has led us to serve one another in grace and joy. It has brought us to a place of delight. In sharing our journey, we desire that our discovery can encourage you to realize the fullness of the Gospel as well, and that it will also help you serve one another in your home!

Christian Mommy Blogger – Julie Onos
Charge your eMinistry! We are here to educate, encourage and energize you on your eMinistry journey!

Chronic Marriage – Helena Madsen
Imagine having a chronic illness AND an extraordinary marriage. Sound possible? Chronic Marriage is for “chronic couples” – those relationships in which chronic health issues are present – who desire not only to survive but thrive in their marriage despite living with chronic illness.

The Color of Marriage – Joe & Rhonda Robinson
Our mission is to help couples move their marriages to greatness through marriage replenishment and biblical marriage coaching.

Cracking the Romance Code – Jerry
Equipping husbands to better understand their wife. Encouraging marriages through reflective posts.

The Curmudgeonly Librarian – “CSL”
The tag line for this blog is “Pithy Insights from an Experience Old Coot.” The “Curmudgeonly Sesquipedalian Librarian” is a Christian husband, father and grandfather with 43+ years of marriage under his belt and looking forward to more. CSL has an iconoclastic bent, by nature, and is concerned about Church and Marriage. He says of his blog, “Just as thousands and millions of votes elect our officials, thousands and millions of voices express views on cultural and societal norms, and I want to help provide one more voice, with (it is to be hoped) cogent and penetrative arguments for what I believe.”

Darby Dugger
This blog was created to be a community for women who are striving to be  excellent, godly wives.

Delight Your Marriage – Belah Rose

Directed Path Ministries – Bradley Watson
Marriage is designed by God to reflect His covenant relationship with us. The primary goal of DPM is to help lead couples to the intimacy that comes out of that covenant relationship. Using Biblical Truths, I address topics from depression, anger, conflict resolution, parenting, as well as other marriage issues along with the personal issues that each of us face. God loves each of us and desires to “direct our paths.”

Discovering a More Intimate Response – Phil Cole
Hi, my name is Phil, I’m a counsellor and pastor who has recently written a book titled “Discovering A More Intimate Response”.  How we respond to our partner on a day by day, hour by hour basis can make a huge difference to the close bond of intimacy we share with each other.  Both my blog and my book are written to offer couples tips on how to avoid the innumerable ways in which we can drive a wedge in our relationship.  My hope is that you will enjoy what you read, apply the tips and discover from your partner a more intimate response.

Do Not Disturb – Justin & Megan Wright
We believe Sex was given freely as a gift from our Creator and should be freely reflected in one’s marriage. After discussing marriage and intimacy with many young couples, we’ve come to recognize we should do whatever it takes to help other marriages recognize this freedom. This blog is one small aspect of this mission, and we hope you find the posts within useful in more ways than one.

Elevate Your Marriage – Edward Lee
I am a husband and father that loves making the deep stuff of the Bible easy to understand…because that is what saved my relationship and marriage. As I talk about openly in the first HWG book my wife and I had a rough five years of dating and first few years of marriage – fairly literally, we broke up every weekend. What I now share in my books, speaking and through this blog is what I know that God can do – from the experience of my own relationship. God really can save marriages as couples grow in their relationship with Christ.

Encourage Your Spouse – Lori Ferguson
A wife, mom to grown kids, and Christ follower. This blog is for husbands & wives leading meaningful lives – encouraging each other and making a difference in the world around them.

Energized Marriage – J Braun

Enhancing the Dance – Jessica McCleese
Enhancing the Dance is all about understanding God’s design for marriage and sex. I use my experience as a wife, a psychologist, sex therapist, and sex educator to provide video and audio trainings with practical tips for improving your relationship and embracing the sacred in your marriage and sexuality.

Equip Your Marriage – Kyle and Tammy Gabhart
After nearly losing our marriage and family to infidelity, we have fought to save our marriage and restore it through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Now, we are on a mission. A mission to save marriages, heal broken hearts, and show the world that God can save ANY marriage. Marriage renewal is hard, but it is completely worth it. No matter how damaged you may think your marriage has become, it is not beyond repair. God makes beauty out of ashes.

Eric Dingler
Great families happen by design.

Family Booster Ministry – Bisi Adewale
We are a non-denominational ministry of home affairs, a consortium of marriage counselors, teachers of the word and family therapists.

Family Life University – Eric

Forgiven Former Feminist – Morgan
My name is Morgan and I am a child of God from a small town in north Texas. I am a graduate of Texas A&M University, and I have worked previously as a Kindergarten teacher. I have been married to my best friend “B” for a little over a year now. He is a veterinarian in the Army and we are just moved to Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, North Carolina all the way from Fort Hood, Texas. We are expecting our first baby in November of this year!

The Forgiven Wife – Chris Taylor
The mission of The Forgiven Wife is to encourage Christian wives as they break away from sexual refusing and gate-keeping.

Freedom. Truth. Marriage. – Alan & Sue Ellen Hale
FreedomTruthMarriage seeks to deal with issues that pertain to marriage, married sexuality; freedom from addictions, hurts, etc. Both these areas are often due to a lack of the understanding of Biblical truth. My wife of 16 years and I hope to pass on some of the stuff that God has shown us, to further strengthen couples and individuals.

Fresh Faith Bites – Melissa

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