An Introduction to Online Marriage Ministry

by Brad Aldrich, of One Flesh Marriage

Welcome! I hope that you are reading this and the following series of articles because you have felt God’s call to launch or grow an online marriage ministry. Each of us involved in the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association has felt this tug on our hearts as well. Our desire is to tell the world about the wonderful things that God has done in our own marriages. We have followed this desire and have discovered that the online world is a great way to do it.

So You Have a Story to Tell

Maybe you have been blessed to have had a relatively smooth marriage, and want to show others how you managed it. Maybe you are just starting out along your path in marriage and desire to talk about the lessons you are learning along the way. Or like many of us, maybe you have struggled in marriage and have found God’s help and made changes only after living through some very difficult circumstances.

We hope that after reading these articless you will consider launching your own online marriage ministry and joining the CMBA online community. We host a private forum as a place to encourage and pray for each other, ask questions and support each other’s ministries. Consider becoming a member today!


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