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These bloggers are on hiatus and have not blogged in 3-12 months.

Auntie Em’s Guide to Life – Melinda Stanton
Hi! My name’s Melinda and I’m a teacher. Not just a school teacher- I am that too, but I love teaching anybody anything. Nothing scratches my itch like somebody saying that something I said helped them, or something I showed them made a difference. I like to cook, to read, to garden.

Christian Marriage Coach – Dr. Don McCulloch
This is the website and blog of Christian Marriage Coach, Dr. Don McCulloch. Don is the author of Perfect Circle: A Husband’s Guide to the Six Tasks of a Contemporary Christian Marriage

Chronic Marriage – Helena Madsen
Imagine having a chronic illness AND an extraordinary marriage. Sound possible? Chronic Marriage is for “chronic couples” – those relationships in which chronic health issues are present – who desire not only to survive but thrive in their marriage despite living with chronic illness.

Dylan and Sandra – Dylan & Sandra Martin
We are students at Hillsong College in Australia. Our passions include building passionate God-centred marriages, equipping men and women to walk fully in their identity and destiny, that children understand their value in the Kingdom, connecting people with the Father Heart of God, and being a voice for the voiceless.

Elevate Your Marriage – Edward Lee
I am a husband and father that loves making the deep stuff of the Bible easy to understand…because that is what saved my relationship and marriage. As I talk about openly in the first HWG book my wife and I had a rough five years of dating and first few years of marriage – fairly literally, we broke up every weekend. What I now share in my books, speaking and through this blog is what I know that God can do – from the experience of my own relationship. God really can save marriages as couples grow in their relationship with Christ.

Energized Marriage – J Braun

Equip Your Marriage – Kyle and Tammy Gabhart
After nearly losing our marriage and family to infidelity, we have fought to save our marriage and restore it through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Now, we are on a mission. A mission to save marriages, heal broken hearts, and show the world that God can save ANY marriage. Marriage renewal is hard, but it is completely worth it. No matter how damaged you may think your marriage has become, it is not beyond repair. God makes beauty out of ashes.

God’s Help for Marriage – Daniel Robertson
At God’s Help For Marriage we believe that God’s desire for your marriage is an extension of His mission for the Church. Namely, marriages are designed to foster evangelism and discipleship by partnering with your spouse to grow more Christlike as you face and overcome the challenges of married life, and by reflecting God’s love for both His children and the lost.

God Life Happy Wife – Sherri
My desire is to encourage wives to serve God in all parts of their lives – marriage, parenting, homemaking, and more. Striving to build ourselves up in God daily.

Hombres de Dios 360 – Hector Cortes
Trials for men who want to glorify God in their relationships and in all areas of your life.

In Search for More – Dave Sadler (currently unavailable)
Dale is a Licensed Professional Counselor / Mental Health Service Provider, practicing in White House, TN. He enjoys working with families and married couples. Dale believes that most families can thrive, and those who aren’t have either forgotten how or simply lack the necessary skills.

Living Home Foundation – Bisi Adewale
This ministry is a consortium of marriage counselors, teachers of the Word and family therapists, whose focus is to revive, rebuild, repair, rejuvenate and restore marriages.

Love, Marriage & Sex – Bonnie Wallace
LMS is a site dedicated to helping married couples improve their marriages sex life.  We’ll talk about the how-to for Christian love, intimate marriage, and hot sex!

Making Love Last – Ken Hensley
Making Love Last is dedicated to providing resources, tools, and advice to help your marriage thrive and stay healthy. Drawing on over 25 years of pastoral experience, we offer biblical advice in a practical manner.

Mission: Husband – Gerad Harris (currently unavailable)
On May 5th, 2005, in a little house in Wallowa Lake Oregon (because our outside ceremony got rained out), I committed to “love, honor, and cherish” Valerie Russell “til death do us part, and took on the mission I now call “Mission Husband”. It hasn’t always been easy. It hasn’t always been fun. There has been amazing good times, and really hard bad times. But the things that have remained constant regardless, are our faith in God, and our love and commitment to each other.

Mission: Wife – Valerie Harris (currently unavailable)
My mission, is to be the best wife I can be to Gerad and my goal is to encourage you on your journey to be the best wife to your husband.

Mr. Blessing’s Blog – “Mr. Blessing”
Our blogs are designed to give you insight from both sides of the marriage perspective from the Mr. and Mrs. point of view. These blogs deal with many levels and layers of intimacy within the Christian marriage and are not all related to sex, however we find that many areas of affinity within the marriage relationship affect the sexual union.

Mrs. Blessing’s Blog – “Mrs. Blessings”
Companion blog (see above).

Mystery32 – Erin Baxter
Mystery32 is based off of Ephesians 5:32 that says of marriage: “This is a profound mystery — but I am talking about Christ and the church.” Marriage is a powerful thing in the eyes of the Lord. It is used to describe His Love and commitment to us and I do not take that lightly. Marriage can be an absolute blessing but marriage also needs constant maintenance.

One Flesh Awakening – Greg and Carrie Beavers, Dave and Cheryl Braun, and Bryan and Kim Simpkins
We desperately want to see marriages renewed and restored as husbands and wives are awaken to God’s plan for marriage.

One HeartBeat – David & Lorrie McIntyre
Not too many years ago Lorrie and I were on a destructive path in our marriage. Both of us were on a train traveling a hundred miles an hour away from each other. Over time and with help we turned things around and we work to continue to grow together and desire to help you do the same. That is what One HeartBeat is all about. Strengthening marriages in our community.

Playful Journey – Mark and Susan Ryerson
Our products, blog, and podcasts offer practical ways to become a more playful couple, enjoy intimate conversation again, and put the steamy back into your love life.

Preciously Preserved – Hannah
I hope to motivate people to read more, research more, and to be wise about the times in which we live.  I am a Christ follower first and foremost and a wife secondly.

The Pure Bed – “the pure bed”
To promote a healthy discussion about marriage, faith and sex.

Rebel for His Cause – Melissa Titus
I chose to let God use my rebel personality for His cause. My husband and I are still married. God has restored our marriage and our lives. As always, we are still a work in progress. I have learned to stop trying to control other people, including my husband. It never, ever works.

Rock His World – Jed
Rock His Work is about helping wives understand that the way they show love to their husbands is very important. I believe that God made marriages, he wants us to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled in marriage.  He gave us sex as a gift desires that we use it responsibly.

Sensuous Happy Hubby – Andre Pottas
I believe in the sanctity of marriage and monogamous relationships, and that within the bounds of marriage couples are free to fully explore their passion. I write honestly and openly based on my personal experience.

Simplify This Life – Jessica Herbst

Standing for Him – Anonymous (currently unavailable)

Stubborn Pursuits – Richard & Sharon Wildman
After 17 years of marriage Richard and Sharon Wildman were separated for 16 months before they reconciled. During that time Jesus helped them both to pursue Him more deeply and for Richard to stubbornly pursue Sharon even when she had no hope for their marriage. Their desire is to pass on resources and encouragement to other struggling couples through their website, blog, and through mentoring and coaching couples whether they are pre-engaged, engaged,  or struggling.

Too Darn Happy – Kim Hall
Welcome, welcome, to your bright spot on the web, where you can find everything from toddler to family sized servings of optimism and joy, a helping hand and a fresh point of view. Set your cares by the door along with everyone else’s, and join me. Slide onto the sofa, hang out in the hammock, or collapse into a comfy big chair. You are welcome just as you are.

Warrior Wives – Elizabeth Spence
I’m young. I’ve only been married 8 1/2 years. I am deep in the trenches here. I am learning new lessons about marriage and about my husband daily. But I have a passion for young marriages. I think it is so, so important to get grounded now…to get a good start…to get good habits and godly thinking patterns ingrained in our heads and hearts. I want to come alongside you and encourage you to know that with God’s help, you can do it.

Writing Out My Rehab – Mall Davis
One woman’s journey through the aftermath of adultery. It’s very blunt.

You Stuck With Me – Christopher & Sherrie

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