Do You Have a Mission Statement for Your Blog?

By Chris Taylor of The Forgiven Wife

Plenty of businesses and organizations have a mission statement. A ministry benefits from one as well. (See “Marriage Blogging a Ministry or a Journal?”)

Whereas a vision statement is designed to describe our ultimate goal (e.g., healthier Christian marriages), a mission statement gives an overview of how we are working toward that goal (e.g, encourage Christian couples as they cope with the challenges of parenting).

A vision statement tells us why. A mission statement tells us who, what, and how.

When we blog from a Christian perspective, our mission statement is truly a mission.

Why is it a good idea to have a mission statement?

  • It’s handy when you are asked what your blog is about or you need to provide a brief description of your blog. Take a look at the CMBA Member Directory. Quite a few CMBA members have a mission statement as their blog description. See? Handy.
  • A mission statement helps a first-time visitor get a quick sense of the big picture of your blog. Your About page invites visitors to learn about you and the blog. A mission statement can to the same thing, but because it is shorter, it will appeal to different readers.
  • It helps you plan and make decisions about your blog. Measure your ideas against your mission statement. This will give your blog a focus and consistency. Even if you go “off-mission” every now and then (for instance, writing to wives when you usually write to husbands), being consistent with your mission helps your readers know what to expect from you. You may have plenty of great ideas, and a good mission statement can help you decide whether to address those ideas on your own blog or perhaps ask to guest post on someone else’s.
  •  Your mission can be inspiring. If you go through a rough blogging patch and need to be reminded of what God has called you to do with your blog, just read your own mission statement.

How do you write a mission statement?

Begin by jotting down the answers to some questions:

  • What do you want to accomplish with your blog?
  • Who do you most want to read your blog?
  • How do you want these readers to benefit from reading what you have to say?
  • What specific aspects of marriage do you most want to write about?
  • What audience and purpose does your own marriage story best prepare you to address?
  • How do you approach your subject matter and readers? (Do you share your own successes and failures, present research studies, focus on scripture, or bring a professional expertise to your writing?)
  • What has God shown you about what you should be doing with your blog?

Use your notes to write a sentence that includes who your audience is, what aspect of marriage you write about, and your unique approach.

Even if you decide not to include your mission statement on your blog, the process of writing one is an exercise that will help you clarify what you are doing and even re-inspire you.

If you would like to have some folks look at your mission statement, start a thread in the CMBA Member Forum.

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The CMBA Mission:

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