There are only three criteria to join CMBA:

♥  Be active* in marriage ministry online (marriage should be a notable theme on your blog).
♥  Agree, affirm and uphold The CMBA Values statement.
♥  Desire to participate in the online CMBA community

To apply for CMBA membership, please use the contact form to share your name, email, website/blog and a little something about the vision for what you do.

Anonymity: Because part of our vision is to provide accountability and to assure the public that members are who they say they are, complete anonymity by members is not allowed. However, the need to be anonymous is valid and sometimes necessary. Because of this, we require that individuals be openly known to a member of the core team of CMBA. The real identity, email and other data about anonymous members will never be posted on CMBA or it’s database. If you apply without this information you will be asked to supply it to one of our core team members.

*If you are developing a blog or have blogged less than six months, please join our community as a provisional member for encouragement, help and ideas.

If you have questions please feel free to contact our administrator.

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