Marriage Blogging a Ministry or a Journal?

by Brad Aldrich, of One Flesh Marriage

The history of blogging dates back to the dark ages of the 1990’s. Back in a time when people would have a thought and they would actually have to use the telephone or see each other face to face in order to share it. This all changed when people decided that it would be a great idea to record their every thought in an online forum and allow their friends and the general public to see and comment on their thoughts.

This early blogging format evolved into today’s ubiquitous Facebook and Twitter micro-blogging formats, and still exists in some journal blogs. However, unless the reader you are trying to reach is your Aunt Ruth, or you are a ridiculously famous person, it is unlikely that a daily journal of your activities will be of much interest.

CMBA encourages its members to move beyond the journal approach to blogging and dive into guiding, teaching, modeling, and challenging with their material. This does not mean that you, the writer are not significant. It is your story, what you have learned that is important and will give your blog life.

As you consider starting your blog think about what you have to share. Think about what God has shown you in your marriage. Think about where you have been and where God is taking you and share from your heart!

If God has called you to this ministry then He will help give you the words!

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