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Ecclesiastes 3:1

Just as we have seasons in life and in marriage, blogging has seasons, too. We lay groundwork for future growth. We re-evaluate our work and shift directions. We have times when we receive many comments, and then the comments taper off for a while. We add new sections  and features even as we blend others together or allow some to fade away. We tweak our posting schedules. We update our blog design.

No matter the season of blogging you are in, may God bless your work in encouraging Christians in their marriages.

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Congratulations to the winners of the August CMBA Blog Challenge: Marriage 4:29!

How Do I . . . ?

Four Ideas for Blog Post Topics

By Chris Taylor, The Forgiven Wife

If you’re like most bloggers, you’ve probably had times when you are stuck for a topic. You want to get a blog post written, but you have no idea what to write about.

Try one of these ideas next time you find yourself stuck without a topic.

1. Search the internet for writing prompts.

(Full disclosure: As I as preparing to write this article, I had absolutely no idea what to write about. I did a search for “how to come up with ideas for blog post topics.” Boom! Inspiration.)

You’ll find plenty of ideas—and many of them can be rephrased to address marriage. If the prompt is “My favorite thing about my job is . . . “ you can write “My favorite thing about my marriage is . . . “

Check out these sites for ideas.

2. Respond to Another Blogger’s Post

As you read other blogs about marriage, pay attention to ideas that intrigue you or that could be applied in the areas of marriage you write about. Or if you run across a post about something else that could be applied to marriage, consider that. Write a post that links to the other blog post and helps your readers think about how to use the information in their own marriages. Sometimes you may find that other CMBA bloggers will write about something and then encourage other marriage bloggers to address the same thing in their blogs. (Just a hint: if you’re writing about another blogger’s work, it is a professional courtesy to check with them and offer to give them a link.)

3. Be inspired by your readers.

Although you shouldn’t quote the email without the reader’s permission, reader emails can be a great source of ideas for blog post topics—especially if you’ve received multiple emails about the same thing. What advice do you have for people facing certain challenges in their marriages? How have you handled similar challenges?

Be sure to take a look at reader comments on your older posts. You may find some great ideas in the comment section. While you’re there, be sure to look at your own replies to those comments. It’s possible that you have some brilliant insight just sitting there waiting to be made into a blog post.

4. Recycle.

Do you have some new ideas that relate to one of your older posts? Write a new version of it, or write a follow-up. If you wrote about something you tried in your own marriage, give an update. If you’ve written several posts about the same topic, pull out the most important point from each of them and write a new post to reinforce those ideas.

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