So You Want to be a Marriage Blogger?

Since the start of CMBA it has been our vision to assist others in launching and maintaining Marriage Blogs. So many people have responded that the members of CMBA decided to write a series of articles discussing what it takes to be a marriage blogger.

We encourage you to check out the information, and prayerfully consider joining this ongoing revolution of uplifting Christian marriages.

This series of articles will cover a variety of information to help you get started in marriage blogging or to help improve a new blog. We will talk about technical, creative and even emotional aspects of running an online marriage ministry. I hope that you will find it useful guide to get started. If you have other questions please use the comments sections to ask! We would love to help!

An Introduction to Online Marriage Ministry

Marriage Blogging a Ministry or a Journal?

Consequences of Marriage Ministry

Online Ministry Benefits and Costs

Why Marriage Blogs Matter

Writing Anonymously vs. Writing As Yourself

Do You Have a Mission Statement for Your Blog?

Does Your Blog Need Glasses?: Blogging with A Vision

WordPress, Blogger and Tumbler – O-My: How to decide where to blog 1

Blogger: Deciding Where to Blog 2 Deciding Where to Blog 3

I Choose You: Taking your first steps in Blogger

I Choose You: Setting up

10 Steps to A New Marriage Podcast

To Host or Not To Host. That Is the Question

Plug In To What? : An Introduction to Themes and Plugins

Ready Set Write: Writing your First Post

As the World Turns: A Better Blogging Schedule for Real Life

Telling Your Story- Direction for the All Important About Us Page

6 Tips for Finding Readers for Your New Blog

Numbers Are People Too

Dealing with Difficult Comments

Using Images on Your Blog

Using Pinterest

Why Do We Write?

How Marriage Bloggers Use Instagram

Using Surveys in Your Blogging Ministry

Should You Have a Facebook Page for Your Blog?

How Do I Use Twitter for My Marriage Blog?

Sharing the (Blog) Love

Strategies for Conquering Writer’s Block

Why Should You Proofread Your Posts?

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