The CMBA Mission


♥  Community:

CMBA provides a way to collaborate, inspire, relate and sharpen each other. As a community of like-minded individuals doing similar work, we understand the unique challenges of on-line ministry. This allows us to offer prayer, support, advice and encouragement to one another.

♥  Equipping:

CMBA offers a space for collaboration, resourcing, planning, mentoring and technical assistance as we help each other in ministry. We offer technical assistance for various platforms and software, discuss how to best use tools and share tricks and new services.

We desire to help all members provide a better looking, better functioning website for their audience. Specifically we want to help new bloggers avoid the pitfalls and struggles that discourage so many marriage bloggers.

♥  Advocating:

We look for ways to promote each other, and especially to get the word out about special projects, series, contests, upcoming books and other events.

Finally, CMBA seeks to promote its members by providing a clearing house where the public can find links to excellent Christian marriage resources and information that is uplifting. In this way we seek to bring awareness of online resources to the public and non-internet based ministries, churches and professionals who are seeking good resources to encourage couples.



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