Using Images on Your Blog

By Chris Taylor of The Forgiven Wife

Looking for ideas on how to make your blog images pop? Check out How to Create Pinterest-Worthy Graphics for Your Blog. If you’re one of the many bloggers using PicMonkey to do photo-editing, check out their how-to section to learn how to do some cool things. You might learn even more at 10 Design Tips Using PicMonkey That You Might Not Know About!

Other free photo editing sites include LunaPic and Canva. These sites all offer different features, so play around with them to see what works.

There are several sites for free images bloggers can use. Be sure you understand the terms of use. It is important to give proper credit for the images, and some sites may either require or disallow alteration of the images.

Some bloggers find it worthwhile to pay for membership or upgrade features at image or photo editing sites.

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