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By Bonny Burns, Pearl’s OysterBed

Our blogging buddies at SheSpeaks (Proverbs 31 speakers and writers conference) say Pinterest is the place to be.  I sat in on a round table led by mommy blogger, Ruth Schwenk (  She grew her blog from 0 – 400,000 followers in three years using Pinterest and Facebook.  According to Ruth, twitter is too ”business-y.”

So, in an effort to help CMBA and its members grow, here are a few Pinterest tips:

Collaborative Boards are the most effective.  A collaborative board invites many different pinners to pin to one board.  At this time, CMBA is trying to highlight the board ‘Christian Marriage and Sex’ as our star collaborative board.  The benefits of collaborative boards is that each pinner brings to the board their followers.  We combine followers and have a broader reach through collaborative boards.

A collaborative board is similar to a twitter feed.  As more pins are added, they scroll to the bottom.  Lots of active pinners mean the feed scrolls quickly and you would be able to pin multiple times during the day without people noticing repetition.

So, if you are a CMBA blogger on Pinterest and you do not follow the CMBA on Pinterest, please do so.  Then, email Bonny at and I will invite you to pin to this board.

And just a little FYI:  The best time to pin on Pinterest is between the hours of 2-4 pm and between 8 pm – 1 am.  High income women between the ages of 25-50 are mostly who you will find on Pinterest.

The best pins are ones that solve a problem and have an enticing picture.

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