Why Marriage Blogs Matter

by Julie Sibert of Intimacy In Marriage

As someone who blogs about sexual intimacy in marriage, I know how discouraging it can be to think my blog isn’t getting the visibility I was hoping it would.

It’s not that you aren’t passionate, because you are. It’s just that the feeling starts to creep in that possibly you are pouring all your wisdom into a huge empty internet chasm. You pound away alone at your keyboard, hit publish and are left there to wonder. “Is anyone listening?  Is the internet just too noisy for anyone to notice?”

In desperation, you may even think, “Why am I even doing this?!

I want to encourage you, because I’ve had to remind myself that what we do as Christian marriage bloggers does matter. Don’t underestimate the difference you are making – and remember that the people you are impacting may never take the time to actually tell you.

How many of us have read something on a blog that really was beneficial to our lives, yet we didn’t take the time (or have the time) to send a note or make a comment? All of us, right?

Well, the same is true of your blog. People will stumble across it or they will send it to a friend they believe needs the hope you are offering. Or maybe they will receive it from someone else. Countless people read blog posts, benefit from them and never say a word to the person who actually wrote them.

Take heart that God sees and knows all. And if you feel He has called you to encourage others in their marriages via your blog, then your obedience in that direction is great reward.

Yes, it’s nice when someone comments on our blogs or takes a moment to send a personal email or shares the post through social networks. Even more gratifying, though, is simply knowing you are speaking God’s truth and tenderness into what could be someone’s desperate marital situation.

Truth be told, they may be at a really broken place and not even have the emotional energy to reach out. Yet what you typed as you were sitting at your keyboard, alone in your home office or curled up on the couch with your laptop computer – those words revolutionize their life. Those words help them muster the courage to nurture their marriage.

If you feel led to write your blog, then by all means – please keep writing! The world needs more bloggers proclaiming God’s sacred plan for marriage.

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